Wavefront Imaging Technologies

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Wavefront’s vision is to disrupt biomedical sciences and diagnostics by innovating cell imaging for a healthier world.

Company focus

Biomedical research | Clinical Diagnostics

At Wavefront we are developing the next generation of stain-free, quantitative live-cell imaging solutions. Our computational microscope uses a patented stain-free technology that protects cell integrity unlocking unique cellular information. Wavefront is on a mission to develop an imaging technology that will go way beyond being just a tool for researchers. Our vision is to use our proprietary technology to build robust new clinical diagnostics systems that can analyze patient samples anywhere, faster and at a fraction of current costs.

Expensive | Time-Consuming | Invasive

Traditional microscopy techniques used for live-cell imaging are expensive and time- consuming and require sample preparation (staining) and the use of chemicals. These techniques are usually invasive, and cells can be affected by harshness and toxicity limiting its usability for further testing. The results obtained with invasive techniques are neither optimal nor efficient.

Stain-free | Label-free | Non-invasive | Live-cell imaging

Wavefront is developing an AI-enhanced computational microscope for live-cell imaging utilizing quantitative-phase-imaging (QPI) technology. Wavefront’s patented technology allows for non-invasive, stain-free imaging of live-cells, integrating AI to ensure high accuracy and real-time analysis.

Wavefront is in the final stages of proof of concept for its computational microscope. After testing the limits of its technology, Wavefront will build a functional prototype for both hardware and software components.